Activity Groups

Our Activity groups meet every two weeks and provide another way to meet in smaller groups but around a specific purpose - this can be a craft group, a film club, a study group, a men's group, a book club. 

Activity groups are changing all the time but theIR purpose is three-fold: 

To strengthen friendship: 
We want to make space for people to have fun together and also to meet different people and the intention is that friendships grow and become stronger. 

To discover gifts: 
We want to encourage people that if they have an idea for an activity group that we will support and encourage them as a result it might be that people discover gifts and talent as they take responsibility for hosting a group for a term. 

To encourage mission: 
Invitation is a key part of activity groups - so they are open to people who might not yet be part of the church, but engaging with a group might be a first step for people as they discover more about Jesus. 

Activity groups run on different evenings so check out What's On for more details. 


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